Does anyone really believe Obama will relinquish the presidency next January?


It’s obvious, even to those mentally challenged that Hillary will become the Democrat nominee for president shortly. Bernie was just a willing or naïve stooge to make the American public she had competition. Then shortly afterwards she mysteriously be indicted by a Federal Grand Jury and eliminated from the nominee position. Chaos will rein supreme.


Obama will then step-in and declare martial law and extend his term in office indefinitely. Trump will scream. The RNC stooges will gnash their collective teeth, grimace and basically issue an impotent statement, “respectfully” stating they believe Obama’s not playing according to the rules, but will not go forward with impeachment proceedings.


Hillary, who is in on the Martial law” treason will play dumb (not difficult) and go through a sham trial. She’ll be found innocent and promised the highest seat in the land in a couple of years after Obama finishes his destruction of America. She, of course, will keep any of the Obama mandates from back-sliding or eroding. And in the course of her tenure will amass yet more untold millions of dollars while hubby is having his “wick” licked daily and daughter Chelsea is being groomed for a future round as queen of the U.S.


Bernie will be thrown some “scrap” lucrative government position for playing Hillary’s faux opponent in the nomination race. That’s “rich” for a Socialist who espouses redistribution of wealth away from the “Trumps of the country” and into the pockets of the “welfare addicts”.


The saddest part to this American saga is when the “light bulb” goes on the majority of the taxpaying citizens will look like deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming tractor-trailer, bend their heads and continue on with their now miserable slave-to-the-government pathetic lives.

What a sad testimony to the millions of Americans who gave their all to fight and die in defense of a country they loved.